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The Report of the BMW Group 2020 can be conveniently downloaded here, enabling you to print it out and read it at your leisure. The Report is available in its complete form, or as individual chapters and spreadsheets. Please note that the complete Annual Report requires some minutes to download, due to the large amount of data involved.

Download Report 2020

BMW Group Report 2020

Download PDF Chapters

BMW Group in Figures Report of the Supervisory Board Statement of the Chairman of the Board of Management Combined Management Report Group Financial Statements Corporate Governance 10 Year Comparison GRI Content Index 2020

Download Excel Tables

BMW Group in Figures BMW Group Income Statements for Group and Segments BMW Group Statement of Comprehensive Income for Group BMW Group Balance Sheets for Group and Segments at December 31 BMW Group Cash Flow Statements for Group and Segments BMW Group Statement of Changes in Equity 2019/2020 BMW Group Ten-year Comparison

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